We deal with management service for flats. Let me show you our service in a few sentence:

This service is offerred for those clients who bought their flats as an investment, and because of the distance of their residency or because of any other reasons they want to outsource the fully comprehensive handling of the property for a professional company.
We provide following services:
-          find lessee for the apartment ;
-          conclude lease agreement with the lessee on behalf of the Principal; 
-          collect the rent on behalf of the Principal; 
-          prepare written report regarding the rent for the Principal after every 6 months; 
-          attend the general meetings of the condominium on behalf of the Principal;
-          inform the Principal of the resolutions of the condominium concerning the rights and obligations of the  Principal; 
-          act on behalf of the Principal towards the lessee. 
-          technical support, maintenance
-          manage the insurance for the effects
-          interieur design, furnishing


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